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Our Story

Lenja and Karin

Hi Beautiful,

Welcome to our shop!

We’re a mother and daughter team and the co-founders of LenKa Skincare.

We both have reactive skin and have spent many years and way too much money trying to find products that genuinely work for us. Our common and frustrating experience has been that skincare products are generally over-priced, tested on animals, and/or laden with harmful and unhealthy ingredients. Since one's skin is the body’s largest organ, we take caring for it seriously! We decided to take matters into our own hands by creating a curated skincare range that strikes a balance between the three main challenges that we've faced: affordability, ethics, and well-being.

LenKa Skincare uses ingredients that are:

  • high-quality
  • gentle on and nourishing to your skin 
  • vegan i.e. not tested on and/or derived from animals
  • Beauty Without Cruelty™ endorsed 
  • as natural as reasonably (and responsibly) possible

All of our products are handmade in small batches to guarantee quality. We use many organic, natural, and predominantly unrefined ingredients. Because of this, the colour and texture of our products may vary from batch to batch, but the essential ingredients and beneficial properties remain the same!

We’re so damn happy that you’ve come to visit our shop and we hope that you'll find our products to be as kind to you as they are to us in exercising mindful self-care, not only for your gorgeous skin, but as a way of life! 

Many thanks,

Lenja and Karin (also known as LenKa)