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Self-Care Step 3 serves as an essential prerequisite for Self-Care Step 4: Nourish (below). The reason for this is that our Nourishing Range (Step 4, below) is made entirely from natural plant oils and butters i.e. we don't dilute our products with water, emulsifiers, or fillers. If you apply LenKa's Nourishing Range directly onto dry skin, the products will not absorb into your skin; you'll be left with an "oily" sheen, not the healthy glow you're aiming for!

In order for your skin to derive the maximum benefits from the products in our Nourishing Range (Step 4, below), it is essential that your skin is damp before you apply them. Our Hydrating Face Toner serves to introduce the element of water into your self-care ritual. Simply spritz your skin with our Toner to moisten your skin before applying any of the products in our Nourishing Range (Step 4, below).

Step 3 will ensure that: (1) the nutrient-rich plant oils and butters are properly absorbed by your skin without leaving an oily residue; and (2) the moisture from the Toner is locked into your skin for optimal hydration and balance. 

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    Hydrating Face Toner 100ml
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