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Preventing Mask'ne with the Right Skincare Ritual

Babes, we absolutely get it; with Covid-19 out there, it isn’t safe, let alone legal, to walk around without a face mask (and we're not talking about the skincare kind!). Wearing a cloth mask (over your mouth and nose) definitely helps to prevent the rate of infection by the Rona. It's an easy way to prevent the spread of the virus, and it's the responsible thing to do if we want to keep ourselves and our loved-ones safe.
That being said, wearing a cloth mask on your face for an extended period of time has an unfortunate side-effect; the dreaded "Mask'ne". This is the totally unscientific term for the collection of pimples that gathers along the lower region of your face. Know what we’re talking about? Yeah. Those things. Damn, we hate them too. They can be caused by sensitivity to the material with which your cloth mask is made; your skin's inability to "breathe" while you've donned your mask; and/or wearing a dirty mask, among other things. Over time, we build up dirt, sweat and grime under our masks which, coupled with our constantly breathing into the masks, leads to a bacteria hotbox...which leads to clogged pores... which leads to acne. 
Getting mask'ne is pretty much inevitable nowadays (cue sad violin music). However, being sad and resigned about your poor skin's fate is not. You can mitigate against the occurrence and intensity of mask'ne by using deep-cleansing, nourishing, vegan skincare products and the right routine (cue happy music). 
Fortunately, LenKa Skincare has you covered: below you'll find a 4-Step Double-Cleanse routine using the products in our Mask'ne Kit that will strip away the grime and sweat, and leave your skin hydrated and nourished, and you happy and glowing!

LenKa's 4-Step Double Cleanse Routine 

🌼 Step 1: Deep cleanse with our Cleansing Oil.
LenKa's Cleansing Oil is ideal for deep cleansing your face and removing impurities from your skin, without rinsing away your natural (and necessary) oils. Gently massage the oil into the areas where you tend to breakout for 1-2 minutes, then rinse your face with water.
🌼 Step 2: Double cleanse with our Cleansing Wash
Double cleansing is an important step in addressing mask'ne, as it removes any residual dirt and oil. LenKa's Cleansing Wash is gentle on your skin and is also ideal for removing makeup. Rinse your face with water. 
🌼 Step 3: Spritz some of our Hydrating Toner onto your skin.
Your skin must be damp in order for the nourishing oils to work their magic in your skin. Either leave your skin damp after rinsing your face,or spritz some of LenKa's Hydrating Toner on your face. The Toner replenishes your skin's moisture levels, balances it's pH, and adds hydration after the double cleanse.
🌼 Step 4: Gently massage our Acne/Oily Serum into your damp skin.
LenKa's Acne/Oily Serum is rich is phytonutrients and high in linoleic acid, which help to regulate and normalise your skin's natural oil production, and guard against acne. Gently massage a few drops of the Serum into your face and let the oils work their magic on your skin and kick mask'ne's butt!


Additional Tips

Following the 4-Step Routine above will mitigate against the worst effects of mask'ne, but there are a couple of other points which are worth considering as well.
🌸 Do a Quick Half Face Double Cleanse. 
If your skin feeling tight and irritated, but you don't quite want to do a full face cleanse in the middle of your work day, then do a half face cleanse! Simply follow the 4 Steps set out above and apply them to the bottom half of your face, where your mask sits. You'll be left with eye make-up and brows in place, and skin that's feeling clean, calm, and nourished! 
🌸 Wash Your Mask. Often.
We get it. After a long day, all you want to do is tear off that mask and get to your Double-Cleanse routine. But your cloth mask may have virus particles on it which will sit there until you put it on again. You don’t want that nastiness on your face! Second, a used mask still has all of the grime, sweat and bacteria on it from your previous day. You also don't want that nastiness on your face.
🌸 Put a Different Mask on Your Face
Here, of course, we mean the skincare mask, such as any of those in LenKa's Preparing Range. Treating yourself to a weekly mask will help absorb any impurities and excess oils that have built up over the course of the week, revitalising and soothing your skin.

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